BG Steel offers a range of welding solutions including MIG, TIG Spot and Laser welding for aluminium, mild steel and stainless steels.

BG Steel has the capability for Laser, Robotic and Manual Welding

BG Steel is able to offer a complete “one-stop-shop” service for customers with sheet metal fabrication requirements. Our extensive capabilities mean that we can offer the complete sub-contract service.

Laser Welding

Thanks to its high-quality fiber optic beam, our Laser Welding process allows for accurate, high-volume and continuous production.

It is an environmentally friendly process, which is pollution-free, while also providing high joint strength and quality of welding.

Available machines:


Robotic Welding

BGSteel’s investmnet in a robotic solution for welding has increased our capacity to offer high accuracy welding in serial production as well as high product repeatability.

Available machines:
✓ Panasonic Tawers TA-1900

Manual Welding

Our team of welders is highly qualified to execute different types of weldings, while following the EN-1090:2 and EN-1090-3 standarts.

We have a number of MIG & TIG welding stations that are flexible enough to handle large components.

Our manual welding department also offers spot welding services for select assemblies.

All our Manual Welding equipment is produced by Fronius, REHM, Demmeler and Siegmund.

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